Healthy Energy Bar


White Sesame seeds                           -50gms

Raw unsalted pumpkin seeds.        -50gms

Raw unsalted Pumpkin seeds.       -50gms

Raw white unsalted Cashewnuts -50gms

Raw unsalted walnuts.                   -50gms

Raw unsalted Almonds.                  -50gms

Seedless juicy dates.                        -50gms

Sweetened cranberries.                  -50gms

Unsweetened decicated coconut-25gms

Organic Honey.                              -2oz scoop


  • Toast all the ingredients seperately on a dry hot pan on medium heat except dates and cranberries
  • Finely Chop dates and cranberries 
  • Keep it all the toasted ingredients aside for cool once they are cold 
  • Add 2 oz organic honey and mix using gloves on hands
  • Once mixed use butter paper and scoop using spoon or ice cream scoop if you have mold fill the mold by pressing the mixture so it can form a tight layer
  • Carefully remove it without breaking 
  • Once you portion all the mixture then keep it overnight in fridge
  • Enjoy this everyday 1 per day it will fulfill your daily dose for Energy        (Share this recipe with your friends if you really like it )

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