Shrimp topped Chicken…….


Jumbo shrimps any kind.                 1-4 no.

Chicken breast 4-5 oz                             2 no.

Potato mash.                                       4 oz scoop

Fresh spinach leaves                        1 handful

Fresh asparagus                                 3-4 pieces

Blackening spice.                               1 Tbsp

Garden herb seasoning.                    1 Tbsp

Margarine.                                Marinating the pan


  • Preheat oven at 500F.
  • Take a non stick pan brush with margarine and dust blackening spice evenly .
  • Lay chicken breast smooth side facing the pan
  • Dust remaining seasoning on other side of chicken evenly. 
  • Cook in oven for 6 minutes
  • Sprinkle some garden herb on top of jumbo shrimps and cook in oven for 6 minutes aswell.
  • Cut Asparagus in to 2 inch pieces & Marinate Asparagus with warm butter and sprinkle garden herb seasoning .
  • Grill asparagus for 1-2 minutes.
  •  Take mash and then add fresh spinach leaves to it and mix well.
  • Once everything is cooked plate nicely 
  • By placing Mash in the centre of plate then top 2 chicken breasts and add shrimps on top of chicken 

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