Refreshing Aloe Vera drink



Fresh aloe Vera                 1 leaf

Fresh kiwi                           1-2 no

Fresh Coconut water.      1 cup

Fresh pineapple juice.     1/4 cup 

Chia seeds.                        1-2 tbsp


  • Take 2 tbsp of chia seeds and add 1 cup water and soak for 15 minutes
  • Wash Aloe Vera leaf under running water to remove mud and dirt.
  • Dry it with absorbent cloth 
  • Take a knife and place the leaf on chopping board carefully remove the corners of leaves with thorns lengthwise 
  • Fillet the leaf like a fish without removing the green part of the leaf if you see green part remove it and discard 
  • Remove the gel carefully and its ready to use
  • Maximum dose / person is 2 tbsp /day
  • Now peel kiwi and add to the blender 1cup coconut juice1kiwi
  • Also add 2 tbsp of aloevera to this mix and blend it 
  • In the end mix 2-3 tbsp of presided chia seeds and 100 ml pineapple juice 
  • Add ice if required and enjoy this refreshing drink

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