Mango passion chicken curry



Chicken breast.             4oz x 4pieces

Onion.                            1/2 

Jalapeño                        1/2 

Garlic.                            10-12 cloves

Cumin seeds.               1tsp

Turmeric powder.       1tsp

Chilli powder                1tso

Garam masala.            1/2 tsp

Mango passion fruit pulp. 3 tbsp 

Fresh coriander/ cilantro leaves for garnish

Oil                             2 tbsp


  • Heat oil and add cumin seeds , sauté till golden brown 
  • Now add finely chopped garlic fry till Goldman brown
  • Now add finely chopped jalapeño & sauté for some time 
  • Now add finely chopped onion sauté till light brown
  • Now add chicken strips and sauté till chicken is almost cooked 
  • Now add powdered masala And fry till mixture leaves oil after that add mango passion fruit pulp and sauté again for few minutes 
  • Add water and add finely chopped cilantro 
  • Enjoy this sweet and spicy dish either with roti or rice

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