Salmon En papilotte


Atlantic Salmon.                        5 oz fillet 

Asparagus.                                 4oz

Cherry tomatoes.                      2 oz

Orange.                                       2 no

Lemon.                                         1 no

Fresh mint leaves chopped.      1/2 Tbsp

Crushed black pepper.                A pinch

Parchment paper.                        1 no.


  • Wash asparagus in running water and remove  1 inch part from bottom now cut in to half 
  • Wash cherry tomatoes and cut in to half
  • Make 3 slices (roundles)from orange and squeeze the remaining orange 
  • Rinse fresh mint under cold running water and finely chop mint leaves
  • Slice lemon 2 (roundles) 
  • Now add 1/2 tsp of olive oil
  • Mix everything lightly Other than the Roundles
  • Take a parchment paper and place it in the centre of aluminium pie tin brushed with oil or margarine 
  • Place asparagus on top of parchment paper
  • Then keep 3 slices of oranges diagonally on top of asparagus 
  • Place salmon on top of sliced oranges 
  • Keep tomato halves on each side of fish
  • And cover the tomatoes with lemon slices
  • Now pour remaining liquid on top of salmon 
  • Add crushed black pepper on top of salmon 
  • Now wrap the parchment paper evenly like a toffee wrapper
  • Cook in convection oven at 375F for 15-20 minutes 
  • Remove once temperature of fish reaches 165F
  • When serving open parchment paper little bit snd place fresh sprig of mint

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