Cranachan ( Scottish dessert)


Oatmeal.                             3oz

Double cream.                   250 ml

Scotch whisky.                    2 Tbsp

Honey.                                 3 Tbsp

Fresh Raspberries.            450 gms

Fresh Mint.                          For garnish


  • Heat a heavy base skillet on stove until hot
  • Add the oats and toast them until they have a light nutty , smell and are just starting to change color
  • Remember to stir occasionally and stay with it whole time , oats can burn fast
  • Keep a handful of raspberries for garnish, place the rest in a bowl and mash with fork 
  • Blend in sugar
  • In a mixing bowl , beT cream until soft peak forms 
  • Fold in honey and whisky and some oats keep some oats for garnish
  • Using 4 individual glasses layer the dessert starting with the raspberries as a base then cream then some oats and follow the same pattern until you reach to the top with cream layer 
  • Garnish with some fresh raspberries and fresh mint leaves 
  • Chill for 1 hour before serving


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