Lobster and Artichoke stuffed chicken



Chicken breast (4-5 oz).                      2 no

Fresh lemon.                                        1no

Fresh parsley                                        for Garnish

Cooked lobster meat                            2-3 oz

BBQ seasoning                                     1-2 pinch

Butter/margarine                                 1-2 Tbsp

Cooked Artichoke                                 2 oz

Cream cheese                                        2 Tbsp

Crushed pepper                                     1 pinch

All Purpose Flour                                  2-3 Tbsp


  • Take Chicken breasts and place them on Cling film or you can use zip lock bags aswell
  • Now use a Mallet ( made of rubber or sometime wood use for tenderize or flatten the meat) hit lightly and evenly to flatten the meat without tearing it.
  • once meat if flat squeeze fresh lemon and sprinkle freshly ground pepper. leave it like that for 5 minutes
  • now in a separate bowl mix cream cheese, cooked lobster meat, chopped boiled Artichokes
  • season this mixture by adding little salt ,pepper and fresh chopped parsley
  • Now carefully place approx. 2 oz / 2 tbsp. of this mixture on seasoned chicken breast
  • Now carefully roll chicken breast tightly otherwise mixture will come out while cooking.
  • Now roll this in to all purpose flour just to give nice dusty look
  • take some oil in frying pan sear this for 1-2 minutes and transfer the roll on a non stick tray or pan
  • Now brush the top part with oil or margarine and sprinkle some BBQ seasoning  and finish the rest of cooking in oven at 550 F for 6-7 minutes
  • Once done slice it carefully and transfer on plate and serve with your choice of vegies or mash potatoes.
  • you can use any sauce which you like ,
  • I used Garlic Alfredo topped with Lobster sauted in Butter.



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