3Spiced lobster tails with Grilled lemon



4-5 oz Lobster Tails             2 no

Blackening seasoning         for sprinkling

Barbeque seasoning            for sprinkling

Garden Herb seasoning      for sprinkling

oil or margarine                      1Tbsp

Asparagus                                  4 oz

Butter                                          1 Tsp

Lemon                                         1/2


Tail Prereration:-

  • Take semi frozen Lobster tail place it on chopping board
  • tail facing away from you.
  • Take a sharp knife and start cutting in centre of the tail starting from bottom of tail.
  • once they are cut wash it in cold water and remove any dirt or soil if their is any and loosen the meat from shell and place it back without breaking it
  • Now hold the tail with both hands and twist the both splits outwards outside so that now meat should face you (its called flattening of tails)
  • Take a non-stick pan brush or spray with oil
  • Sprinkle blackened seasoning, Bbq seasoning and very little           Garden herb seasoning
  • Now place the flattened tails meat facing down on the pan
  • Cook in preheat oven at 550 F for 5 1/2 minutes
  • Take another pan and place Asparagus coated with Butter and little Garden herb seasoning and cook in the same oven for 3-4 minutes
  • Now grill lemon half on flat pan for 2 minutes.
  • After 5-6 minutes remove the tails and place it on a bed of cooked Asparagus with grill lemon and melted butter

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