Baked chicken delight with shrimp and cheese


Chicken breast 4-5 oz                           2 no

P&D Shrimps.                                         3 oz scoop

Nacho cheese  spread.                         3 oz scoop

Crispy fish powder                                For dusting 

Poco de galo.                                          2 oz scoop

White cheddar cheese.                          3 oz scoop

Cooked linguini  ( al Dante)                   6 oz wt 

Lemon.                                                       1 no

Fresh Parsley.                                             For garnish

Fresh corriander.                                     1 bunch

Jalapeño                                                     1 no



  • Dust chicken breast with crispy fish batter powder
  • Deep fry dusted chicken for 30 seconds & remove 
  • Now arrange 2 deep fried chicken on non stick pan 
  • Pour melted nacho cheese with  shrimps And pico de galo 
  • Cover the chicken now with white cheddar cheese 
  • Bake now at 550 degrees for 6-7 minutes
  • Serve on a bed of linguini and garnish with lemon and parsley  

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